Storage : Carpe DM :  Up to 20% discount on ThinkSystem DM Series

Services, Pay Less, Stay Green Promo  : 

Buy 5 Years Premier Support 24x7x4 for the price of 4 Years!
Get CO2 offset for free!

Solutions  :  LEAP on ThinkAgile:    Get up to 800 LEAP points and 10% discount when you sell ThinkAgile and add both Services and licenses to the deal

Solutions  : Be EPYC with AMD :  10% reusable voucher for any AMD server or 5% for any processor. Valid for new resellers and new SMB customers, for the 1st AMD Purchase.

SMB: Top Mix Promo   Attach any Lenovo product to a Top Choice server and build up your discounts! Up to 15% of

SMB: Get V2 to Win  and INTEL Optane Promo : Transition to Intel Ice Lake or Cooper Lake and earn CASHABACK up to 2000 USD per server Bundle Optane persistent memory and earn CASHBACK up to 320 USD per server

Full Channel:  Lenovo as one promo :  5% discount on your first Data Center order. Only for new partners

Viac info

3D Katalóg



Zľava až do – 65% na vaše  DEMO

Lenovo Expert Achievers Program

Motivačný  program pre získanie odmeny za predaj a vzdelávanie


Viac akcií už čoskoro

 Lenovo školenia

  • Friday 3rd November at 10am CET

    L360 Competencies & Tiering Dashboard

    • Friday 3rd November at 10am CET
    • All EMEA countries
    • Platinum 360, PlatinumPlus360, Platinum and Gold
    • Admin Persona only

    Join us to learn all about our competency framework and recently launched tiering and accreditation dashboards.

    This is primarily targeted towards our Engage resellers but out distributors are also more than welcome.

    • What are Lenovo 360 Competencies and their requirements
    • What is the difference between competencies, accreditations and learning paths
    • How to access Competencies, the Lenovo Learning Platform and find all relevant courses
    • How to use the dashboards
    • Communications

    Registration Link

  • Wednesday 8th November at 10am CET

    Deal Registration

    • Wednesday 8th November at 10am CET
    • All EMEA countries
    • All partners and distributors
    • All Persona types

    Everything you always wanted to know but never dared to ask about Deal Registration!

    Join this webinar to learn about Lenovo’s IDG and ISG deal registrations, how to request via our Lenovo Bid Platform and how it can benefit you and your company!

    • How to request a deal registration in the Lenovo Bid Platform
    • Benefits of deal registration
    • Tips and tricks
    • Investment reviews and when to use them

    Registration Link


  • Wednesday 22nd November at 10am CET

    Competitive Tool for ISG and LETS

    • Wednesday 22nd November at 10am CET
    • All EMEA countries
    • All partners and distributors
    • All Persona types

    Discover Lenovo’s hidden gems! Lenovo Expert Technical Sales and Lenovo ISG Compete Tool.

    Join us to discover what LETS and the Compete Tool can bring to you. In making sure the solutions you offer to your customers are technically sound and the matching competitive model, perfectly addressing your customer’s needs.

    Lenovo Expert Technical Sales (LETS) will present to you the capabilities of their team. Composed of subject matter experts spanning multiple areas of expertise.

    Lenovo ISG Complete Tool which is part of Lenovo Partner Hub (LPH) will provide you with the easiest way to find the exact Lenovo product matching a competitive offering.

    Lenovo Expert Technical Sales

    • Who are LETS?
    • What can LETS do for you?
    • Overview of their capabilities and offerings
    • How to contact LETS

    Lenovo ISG Compete Tool

    • What is the ISG Compete Tool?
    • Where to find the tool on Lenovo Partner Hub (LPH)
    • Live demo of the tool

    Registration Link

  • November 23 rd , 2.30 – 3.30 pm CET

    BP Community call: Microsoft-Lenovo: Attach and Go Big!

    Learn about why attaching Microsoft is the right thing right now.

    Register here

  • Thursday 23rd November at 10am CETmeline Item


    • Thursday 23rd November at 10am CET
    • Western Europe countries
    • All partners
    • All Personas

    Description, agenda and registration link TBC. Details will be provided on FFF.

  • Wednesday 29th November at 3pm CET

    Winning in the Subscription Economy with Lenovo

    • Wednesday 29th November at 3pm CET
    • All EMEA countries
    • All partners and distributors
    • All Personas

    Join us for this essential webinar where we will delve into the depths of modern subscription models, examining the latest subscription trends and charting a course for business success. This engaging session is designed to equip you with actionable insights and strategies to thrive in this new subscription economy.

    Exploring the Benefits of Subscriptions

    • Understanding the advantages of subscription-based models
    • How subscriptions drive customer engagement and loyalty
    • Leveraging flexibility and scalability for businesses of all sizes

    Driving Industry Renewal Rates

    • Industry benchmarks vs. Lenovo’s renewal rates
    • Unpacking the factors contributing to our success
    • Strategies to elevate your own subscription renewal rates

    Knowing Your Customer Is Key To Success

    • Ensuring a Stellar Customer Experience
    • Honoring Incumbency and Building Trust

    Understanding Our Sales Process and Achieving Success

    • Supporting Channel Partners To Win
    • Collaboration to Reach Mutual Goals

    Registration Link